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We are very excited to be able to offer a comprehensive physiotherapy service with emphasis on evidence-based medicine, exercise and rehabilitation. Our goal is to not only assist you to repair, restore and resume full functional activity but to realise your potential and make it a reality.
Arthritis / Chronic Pain Management
Treatments vary depending on the type of arthritis. The main goals of arthritis treatments are to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life. The most common form people suffer from is osteoarthritis that generally affects the weight bearing joints (lower back,hip,knee) and is often found in an elderly person or one who has sustained severe multiple trauma throughout their joints.
Acupunture / Dry Needling
Acupunture / Dry NeedlingAcupuncture (insertion of a fine needle corresponding to a specific point in the human anatomy) has a role in its ability to assist in muscle/tissue healing, manage chronic pain or long-term injuries that have not sufficiently recovered. It is an additional treatment that is underpinned on evidence that is proven to be effective and often provides results that may not be achievable through conventional means. Dry needling is used to primarily target trigger points (localised areas of inflammation within muscle tissue) to reduce muscular pain, stiffness or tightness. It is effective in treating myofascial pain.
Exercise Rehabilitation
Exercise RehabilitationExercise rehabilitation and prescription is a vital component of restoring one's function post injury. This is often severely overlooked by patients that suffer from ongoing, recurrent ‘niggling’ concerns. The application of specific exercises, movements and loads are critical to engage the body in repair that Safely facilitates and eliminates deficits such as movements disorders, muscular imbalance, joint dysfunction and pain.
Lower limb Biomechanics
Lower Limb BiomechanicsThis is the assessment of the body through movement. Often certain conditions or problems arise due to muscle/joint imbalances through a prior injury or problem whether it be congenital or degenerative over a period of time. A thorough assessment with the physiotherapist and their experience is integral to identify potential reasons for problem that may arise from an unknown reason or structure. Management may consist of eliminating or correcting a faulty movement pattern through re education, stretching,strengthening and on specific occasion external bracing or orthotic supports.
Massage Therapy
Massage TherapyMassage is an effective way of minimising the risk of injury, reduce muscle tightness and facilitate tissue repair. There are combinations and several techniques that are used by the physiotherapist to improve overall outcomes for the patient and speed up the recovery and healing process. Specific techniques such as deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point therapy and swedish massage can be utilised for a specific purpose. The specific technique is determined through assessment and a treatment option is selected with the individual.
Musculoskeletal injury
Musculoskeletal injuryA musculoskeletal injury is an injury or disorder of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, nerves or related tissues including strains, sprains or inflammation. A common complaint is either pain whether it be ‘achy’, ‘sharp’ or ‘sore’.
Pre / Post-Operative Rehabilitation
Pre/Post OperativeA patient who may be awaiting surgical repair or reconstruction requires Specialised management that is critical to enable and ensure optimal results post operation. This includes very specific detail to movement patterns, an ability to minimise potential risks or deficits that may be evident post op and detailed guidance through the entire process of damage / repair / rehabilitation / restore quality of life.
Spinal injuries
Spinal InjuriesThis most commonly refers to injury of the lower back or neck. Often you may experience severe pain and joint stiffness with limited movement and restricted function. In severe cases there is damage to the intervertebral disc causing nerve impingement leading to severe pain,pins and needles and changes in sensation.
Sports Injuries / Strapping
Sports InjuriesVery common injuries affecting the muscles,joints or ligaments sustained while playing sport. This can include acute injuries such as muscle/ligament sprains, tears or more severe injuries such as bony fractures and traumatic joint dislocation. We specialise in the assessment treatment and overall management of sports specific concerns and work very closely with Sports physicians and orthopaedic surgeons and specialists to provide optimal sport medicine care.